Project Overview:

Construction of horizontal additions to the existing 2-story “crow’s nest” retail building in Lot D, a new 2-story retail building in Lot F and a new retail building on the northeast corner of Masonic Avenue and O’Farrell Street in Lot A. The project also proposes to expand Lot B by constructing an elevated parking deck above Lot A.  Addition of PetSmart – Project proposes a retail sales area, grooming facility, pet adoption area, obedience training area, and a PetsHotel & Day Camp.

  • Elimination of sixteen (16) parking spaces in parking lot ‘D’
  • Construction of 1- and 2- story horizontal additions totaling approximately 7,530 square feet to the existing two-story “Crow’s Nest” retail building.
  • Construction of a new two-story retail building totaling approximately 22,072 square feet in parking lot ‘F’. The terraced topography allows for the second-floor retail spaces to be accessed from parking lot ‘E’. This building would replace fifty-eight (58) off-street parking spaces in parking lot ‘F’ and three (3) in parking lot ‘E’.
  • A proposed landscaped pedestrian walkway connecting O’Farrell Street through the site to Geary Boulevard
  • Construction of a new one-story retail building totaling approximately 3,608 square feet on the northeast corner of Masonic Avenue and O’Farrell Street in parking lot ‘A’. This retail building would replace nineteen (19) surface parking spaces with active commercial uses and a more landscaped pedestrian realm.
  • Expand parking lot ‘B’ by constructing an elevated parking deck above parking lot ‘A’ and over the proposed new retail building. The expanded parking deck would increase the number of parking spaces in parking lot ‘B’ from eighty-one (81) to one hundred and seventy-one (171) and would provide direct access to the second floor of the main retail building currently occupied by Target.
  • The subject property currently has 640 parking spaces spread across six terraced parking levels. As a result of the proposed conversion of parking space in lots ‘A’, ‘D’ and ‘F’ for the additional retail uses, the amount of off-street parking would be reduced to 634 parking spaces. The total gross square footage of retail uses requires a minimum of 721 off-street parking spaces. As such, the Planned Unit Development (PUD) process pursuant to Planning Code Section 304 would allow for a modification to the off-street parking requirements of Planning Code Section 151.
  • Additional twenty-three (23) Class 1 bicycle parking space in secure, weather-protected bicycle lockers located in parking lots ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘F’ as well as an additional sixty-six (66) Class 2 bicycle parking spaces along the Masonic Avenue and O’Farrell Street sidewalks.
  • Streetscape improvements including twelve (12) new street trees along the O’Farrell Street frontage and a large landscaped bulb-out at the intersection of O’Farrell Street and Anzavista Avenue.

Zoning: NC-3 (Moderate-Scale Neighborhood-Commercial) District and 80-D & 40-X Height and Bulk Districts

Sources & additional info: Request for Conditional Use Authorization; Richmond Review