Future Site of 2670 Geary

Photo source: rg architecture

Project Overview

Demolish the existing one-story commercial building and construct an 8-story mixed-use building containing 95 residential dwelling units.

Affordable Housing Units:  22

  • 22 permanently affordable dwelling units (At least 10 percent of the affordable housing units would have to be available to very low-income residents who earn 55-65 % of the average median income ($44,400 to $52,455)).
  • 64 studio units (~344 square feet)
  • 29 two-bedroom units (~700 to 811 square feet)
  • 2 three-bedroom units (~900 to 1,006 square feet)
  • Usable open space (~5,576 square feet) shared rooftop deck.
  • Two interior courtyards on the 2nd floor totaling ~ 1,787 square feet would provide additional non-qualifying open space.
  • 16 off-street parking spaces would be located behind the ground floor commercial space and beneath the residential lobby and lounge, and would be accessed via a relocated curb cut on Geary Boulevard. One other existing curb cut on Masonic Avenue would be removed.
  • 112 Class 1 bicycle parking spaces would be provided in a secure, weather protected area on the ground floor level.
  • 8 Class 2 bicycle parking spaces would be provided outside along the Geary Boulevard and Masonic Avenue sidewalks.

Status: Approved as a special use district on 3/16/18 by the SF Board of Supervisors. More detail can be found here

To implement the proposed project, amendments to the Planning Code and Zoning Map, by means of a Special Use District, are required.

Developer: SoMa Development Partners

Architect: rg architecture

The above information is from the Planning Commission docs and might no longer be accurate.